I am here to support you in figuring out what’s most important to you and to help you learn the tools necessary to be able to live more fully from your deepest values.

Life can often feel like it is moving at such a frantic and fast pace that it is hard to remember our own natural pacing and rhythms. In our work together, we will find ways to slow down and explore what is happening in the present moment. Our therapy process can help you reconnect to your own inner wisdom and creativity.

My client-centered, collaborative approach is informed by somatic (body-oriented), relational, attachment, psychodynamic and social-justice oriented theories, Buddhist psychology, my personal insight meditation (Vipassana) practice and a deep connection with nature. 


Somatic psychotherapy means body-centered therapy. Everything that we experience throughout our lives registers in our physical bodies on some level. How we walk through the world and express ourselves impacts our emotional experiences, thoughts and body sensations.

Through mindfulness practices that help you slow down and track your present moment experiences without judgment, there are opportunities to learn more about what your body’s direct wisdom is wishing to express that often gets ignored when we only focus on talking.   

I see myself as a guide and support to each individual’s or couple’s unique unfolding. I bring deep sensitivity, intuition and respect to my work and believe the most impactful growth and learning takes place in present moment relationships.  

Relational therapy gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself and how you show up in your relationships with others directly through the real-time therapy process. Your experiences with your caregivers when you were young lay down the blueprint for what you come to expect in your adult relationships.  

The parts of you that have experienced wounding in close relationships can often re-emerge during the course of therapy.   Our therapeutic relationship offers you the opportunity to be witnessed and to heal through new, empowering experiences together.

I know how difficult and vulnerable it can be to reach out for support. Reaching out takes courage. I am here to support you in holding your vulnerability with care and compassion and also to help you recognize and nurture your strengths.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"   - Mary Oliver