Couples therapy is an interactive, collaborative process and a huge opportunity to get to know yourself and your partner more deeply.


I can help you have the hard conversations that haven’t been going anywhere on your own.

I welcome couples of all orientations and backgrounds. I am kink and poly-friendly and hold a sex-positive approach.

Whether you are early on in your relationship and wanting more tools to help your relationship thrive or years in and feeling stuck and in distress, I am here to support you.

I will help you learn how to slow down and see what is getting in the way of deeper intimacy, satisfaction and connection in your relationship.

When fights or arguments have gotten ingrained over time, it can feel like it’s about who’s right and who’s wrong. I’m here to help you move through the stuck places and build the tools and practices necessary to be able to do this work more successfully on your own.  

I work with partners on many different aspects of their relationships such as pre-marital counseling, co-parenting, cross-cultural issues, communication, sexuality including infidelity, building trust and intimacy, the impact of past trauma(s) on the relationship and mindful separations. 

I also work with polyamorous couples/partners navigating the territory of living in an open relationship or those exploring this possibility together.

I help couples look at the impact of family culture as well as the interplay of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other aspects of culture that shape us and our adult romantic relationships.  Learning to work with differences rather than seeking to avoid them is a crucial part of successful couples therapy.

Through slowing down and taking the time to nurture a sense of curiosity and deeper understanding with each other, greater empathy and ease become possible.