"Eva’s grounded and warm presence makes her a natural psychotherapist. Eva is gentle but strong, able to both support and challenge her clients with compassion. She’s a particularly good fit for people who may be highly sensitive or have a history of trauma, helping them feel safe in the room and in their bodies.  I am always happy to refer to her when I have the opportunity."   -Deb Lyman, LCSW
"Eva understands the complex interplay of family, cultural, and environmental influences on individuals. She is skilled at honoring and welcoming both the psychological and the physical expressions of psychic pain so that healing may take place. Her psychotherapy is enriched by her accepting and respectful presence and her gift of empathic attunement."  -Mary Bradford, Phd
Eva is an incredibly gifted therapist who listens with both her heart and mind. She offers an inquisitive and compassionate presence for clients who want to know their heart's deepest desires. She helps you slow down and pay attention to old hurts and wounds. Eva helps her clients listen to the often hidden and buried language of their bodies. She also brings a great deal of intentionality to her work and will support her clients to manifest that energy into their lives.  -Luba Palter, MFT
"Eva is deeply attentive in her listening to others while bringing in a breath of playfulness that helps create an ease even while diving deep.  Her curiosity and excitement help to spark unexpected ideas.  When I am with her, I experience being seen and really heard while also having a fun and playful discovery of unexpected ideas about struggles or places of stuck-ness.  In her presence, I feel a great sense of acceptance for all parts of me - like anything could emerge from within and it would be welcomed by her with an open heart.  I feel so trusting whenever I send clients to her - with the deep knowing that they will be honored, cared for, and held."  -Heather Bradley, PsyD
"Eva has a deeply centered presence that helps me feel seen, well listened to, and connected. She brings a sense of acceptance and compassion that makes just being in her presence a healing. She has a lightness of spirit that is uplifting. And she has a wealth of experience from her ongoing study, practice of meditation, and dedication to her own self growth." -Loren Hadassah, MFT
"Eva has a strong yet gentle presence which conveys great care and understanding. Her listening goes beyond my words; she is attentive to the meaning in what I am saying and is very skilled in seeing and sharing the connection between body (somatic) experiences and emotions. Eva notices the gifts others have to offer the world and through her authentic reflections, people come into a deeper place of self awareness and insight."  -Susan Mancino, MFT
"Eva brings a strong gentleness to her work. She listens deeply and offers new ways of feeling more ease and self-compassion."  -Elena Moser, LCSW (former Clinical Director of Women's Therapy Center in Berkeley)
Deeply attuned and warmly embodied, Eva brings a rich passion for somatic awareness into the therapeutic relationship. Clients looking to build a trusting relationship with an experienced clinician will find in Eva a grounded, well-studied, playful and wise practitioner.  -Sparlha Swaby, MFT